Being Independent – New Threats to Property Photography

Being Independent – New Threats to Property Photography

As member’s of our community a number of you have voiced concerns regarding DIAKRIT’s impact on your business. We’d like to get together to discuss some of the feedback and your thoughts on this issue.  Working together to strengthen our position as an independent community is vital. 

We will also be giving an exclusive update on how iMAGECLOUD is working with progressive brands to standardise their photography across their network using only independents. Plus our regular tech updates. 

If you haven’t already done so please take a few minutes to complete the following confidential survey so we can better discuss the challenges you face.


At IMAGECLOUD we firmly believe in the strength of the independent photography community. By working together we can effectively address these challenges.

Looking Forward to seeing you next week. 

Josef Nalevansky / CEO iMAGECLOUD

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