5 Reasons why winter is a great time to sell your property.

5 Reasons why winter is a great time to sell your property.


Post written by iMAGECLOUD Member Craig Newman, Entendre Productions.

There is a myth out there that winter is a bad time to sell your property but is there any truth to that?

There are actually a few factors that indicate this winter may be the best time for you to sell your home. Here are a few of them.

1. Take advantage of the sellers market of 2014

At the moment there are an over abundance of active property buyers Australia wide. For example according to the Commonwealth Bank-RP Data Home Buyers Index (HBI), the residential property market in Sydney is now best suited for sellers as there is a high level of demand for real estate in the city.

If you wait until spring, you will be competing with MANY other sellers as they rush to hit the market in time to see the new flower buds which means that you will have to work a lot harder to get a buyers attention.

2. New technology in photography and video

Time was that if the grass was brown, the grass was brown and there was only one way t deal with it; don’t show the grass in the photos. Professional property photographers, like the members of iMAGECLOUD, have access to digital retouching solutions that can make a relatively poor, overcast day shine like the middle of summer and make that grass pop like they used a time machine to get the images.

With regard to live video production, there are fewer “retouching” possibilities but new cameras allow for shorter production times meaning that your real estate video expert can get the required shots in that small bracket of time where the sun is shining and the birds are singing. A talented video producer can help you tell the story of your home, meaning that they can paint a picture of staying home in your beautiful warm house by the fire / tv on a cold winter’s day.

There is also an area where photography and video meet in a Real Quick Video. A Quick, affordable and easy video solution for Real Estate on a budget, Real Quick Video uses your professional property photos and creates an impressive video, like the one below.

Talk to your iMAGECLOUD Member or agent about how to take advantage of these new technologies to turn your home around quickly in winter.

3. Psychology: what makes a home?


Cold, dark winter days equal well-lit, warm homes. You don’t love your home for only three months of the year so why should you hide your home from the market? By using some simple steps like:

  • Arrange inspection times when the light in your house is best.
  • Entertain the possibility of holding your inspection times at night.
  • Use warm globes in all indoor lights, rather than daylight balanced globes.
  • Pop-on the heater(s) and the fire to give the feeling of home. If you don’t have a fire, maybe get a video of a fire and put it on every tv, with the sound going. I have personally seen people subconsciously try to warm their backside and hands with a 62″ TV.
  • If it is cold and wet, get buyers to remove their shoes before entering to keep the floors clean.

There are many more tricks, which i’m sure your agent will help you with. Which leads me to…

4. Your agent will be more attentive.

In peak buying seasons real estate agents are likely to be selling many properties at once. In winter they are likely to have fewer properties to sell, so you and your property may get more attention. Credit: https://www.commbank.com.au/blog/selling-in-winter.html

5. Some properties sell better in winter!

Quality properties in cold climates – such as mountain cottages – can show off some of their best features, including heating and insulation, in winter, and might subsequently fetch higher prices than at other times of year.

In summary, this is what John McGrath had to say about this legend.

While we do typically see a reduction in the number of homes for sale during the colder months, genuine buyers really don’t care if it’s cold or raining.

They are far more concerned with buying now while interest rates are low and/or getting into growth markets like Sydney before prices get too high.

The passive buyers – those who are mildly interested but have no timeframe in mind, might indeed stay in bed on a cold Saturday morning. But active buyers are out there – rain, hail or shine, attending opens and feeling as committed as they were in Autumn to securing their next home.

When demand is high and supply is low, you get better sale prices. The season with the lowest supply is usually Winter.

So why is it a bad time to sell?

Put plainly, it’s not – it’s just a myth.

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