5 Reasons You Should Include Property Video In Your Real Estate Listing

5 Reasons You Should Include Property Video In Your Real Estate Listing

Property Video is arguably the most powerful development in Real Estate Marketing to date and although most Real Estate agents know that professional property video and photography can increase the final sale price of the property, there are other reasons:

1. 24 Hour Open House

What if you could show your potential buyers through the house no matter what time or what the weather was like? With a good property video, your potential buyers can preview the property any time, any day from anywhere in the world.

2. Motion & Emotion

Trees swaying in the gentle summer breeze, waves lapping against the shore of a beachfront property dogs playing in the back yard; video gives you the ability to capture motion in a way that still photography can’t.

Coupled with the right background music and narration, the real estate video can convey much more than a list of amenities and property features. You’re not selling a list, you’re selling a home.

3. Online Visibility

Video is 53 times more likely to appear on the first page of Google than any website. Having real estate video increases the online visibility of your property, and will do so with increasing frequency as time goes on. Video can also be a way to ‘jump’ the search engine results, which can traditionally take some time, and considerable effort, to top.

4. Layout & Location

More so than a series of photos, video can show the proximity of the kitchen to the dining room, the veranda to the pool and so on. Panoramic panning shots can show the master bedroom leading out to the deck with a magnificent ocean view. Again, only slices of these views can be shown with photography.

5. Being Progressive

Even though widely in use in America and the United Kingdom, not many realtors in Australia have embraced real estate video. Having real estate video on your website brands you as a progressive realtor who is making best efforts in marketing your clients’ sale or rental property.

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Craig is the Head of Multimedia Marketing at iMAGECLOUD.tv and the owner of Entendre Productions, Corporate Video Production.

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Post written by iMAGECLOUD Member Craig Newman, Entendre Productions.

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