A different way of looking at Real Estate Videos.

A different way of looking at Real Estate Videos.

Post written by iMAGECLOUD Member Craig Newman, Entendre Productions.

I have been lucky enough to not deal with agents who fancy themselves rock stars.


I see many property videos which show a real estate agent taking up valuable screen time talking themselves up, showing up in a Merc, jumping into pools, playing cricket, etc…

…which is not going to work in 2014’s age of enlightened customers.

A great property video, like any video, is a journey. It should showcase a the property and make a potential customer feel as though this isn’t just a house, it’s a home.

Don’t get me wrong, having an agent on camera is not a problem, if fact it is a great way to introduce yourself to the potential client. However, as in all things, subtly and dignity are far more effective than gimmick marketing.

In other words, a gimmick may help get the video out there, but a well filmed, cinematic video is more likely to convert an audience member into a customer.

An idea that I have mentioned to a few agents, without any bites yet unfortunately, is having the vendors on camera! 60 seconds of Ron & Harriet Johnson talking about raising their three children and how much fun they had playing in the backyard is far more emotionally engaging then “this property has three bedrooms with built-ins and air conditioning.”

The same principal applies for your agency promotional videos and agent profiles; are you a rock star or a real estate agent? Is it better to show off how awesome you are or is it better to show how well you help your customers.

What sort of videos should you be using as a real estate agent?

Here are a few examples:

  • Agent profile video. 60-90 seconds, this video should be short and sweet. Rather than showing off how crash-hot you are, take the time to introduce more about who you are as a person. This way you can create an emotional engagement between you and a potential customer; they feel as though they know you before then even meet you.
  • Listing Advantages video. In 60 seconds list one to three of the main points of difference that you have as an agent. While an agent profile video show off who you are as a person, a listing advantages video is more of a 1 minute sales pitch.
  • Market Reviews. In 60-90 seconds, what do you think the market is doing in your area(s).
  • Client Testimonial videos. 1 happy customer, 1 agent, 1 minute.  It will take you and you previous customer less than 15 minutes and you will have possibly the most powerful marketing tool you could possibly have. Potential customers love happy customers. Also, if you have done a property video for this client, then you have an opportunity to maximise your ROI on this by using the property video as b-roll .
  • Property Videos. The power of property video have been shown time and again. If you are not sold, give our head of Multi-media Marketing a call and he will fill you in.
  • Area Profile videos. Show of the lifestyle of your area.
  • Marketing Strategy video. If you are having a hard time selling VPA such as professional photos, interactive floor plans and property videos to you vendors, save breath and record a 60-90 video showing them how VPA in an investment in getting the best price for their home.
  • Etc… There are many more ways you can use video to help solve your business problem.

Want to find out more?

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