As simple as 1, 2, 3D

As simple as 1, 2, 3D

We’re excited to announce our  newest members SCANN3D to the iMAGECLOUD community.

Scann3d a Melbourne based 3D property visualisation startup uses bleeding edge 2D & 3D cameras creating innovative and immersive virtual content. Inline with the ethos of  iMAGECLOUD, they’re pioneering the next generation of real estate marketing.

Scann3d offers a dynamic service transporting people to places they’ve never been before. Using cutting edge technology, their interactive and immersive content transforms the way agents list and sell property online. Their team of 3D specialists strive to enhance the sales cycle providing strong competitive advantage in today’s evolving real estate market. Demonstrating promising results, their clients are able to significantly increase online user engagement from a growing digital audience. Scann3d provides a simple link that is easily implemented onto your website or shared via web and mobile. Your models are accessible from anywhere in the world and at anytime.


Over the coming weeks iMAGECLOUD will be holding LIVE EVENTS for new and existing members and agents throughout Australia to learn how this technology can be used within your business.

Our first event will be held in Manly NSW November 13 2014 @ 6pm, Tickets are limited so please RSVP by COB Tuesday the 11th.

Scann3d benefits?

  • A 49% increase in web traffic, driving more users to your website and away from
  • On web pages with 3D scans; 67% of the users click through to the virtual model.
  • Average time spent on each page increased from 1.15 minutes to 2.17 minutes.
  • A 13% increase in international users.



  • Are the models viewable on a mobile ? The models are accessible on all Android devices and iOS 8.
  • Can passwords protect the property if the vendor would like security applied to the model of their house?  In this instance, only prospective clients who have the password can access the 3D Model.
  • How long does it take to capture and create the model? It takes between 1.5-2hrs to scan a property (depending on the size). Scann3d will have the final product back to you, ready for use within 24hrs.
  • What kind of technology is used? We use cutting edge 3D visualisation techniques that enable us to scan the interior of any property. The scanner uses a combination of infrared and photogrammetry in order to build the 3D model.


To contact Scann3d please visit them here:

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