Why Copywriting Counts In Property Marketing

Why Copywriting Counts In Property Marketing

It’s true that a picture says a thousand words. It’s also true, however, that poor copywriting can cast an ugly shadow over the finest professional real estate photography.

A national survey of real estate agents in Australia revealed that 65 per cent believe professional real estate copywriting is an important element of any property marketing initiative and real estate listing.

In fact, professional real estate copywriting outranked virtual property toursinteractive floor plans and real estate videos as a key factor in achieving property marketing success.

Of course, many successful real estate agents understand the harm of tarnishing their real estate marketing material and thus the perception of their properties with real estate listings copy that is riddled with spelling mistakes, grammatical errors and incomplete sentences, but effective property copywriting extends well beyond ensuring surface accuracies.

That’s because effective real estate copywriting is about directing focus. A professional real estate copywriter not only communicates the essential information to the reader in a clear and concise way, but also focuses the buyer’s attention on the benefits of the property for sale while negating the negatives.

A professional real estate copywriter will appeal directly to your target market and highlight the property features that are likely to appeal most to them.

Effective real estate listings copy stimulates the buyer’s imagination by shining a spotlight on the features that are most attractive to your particular target market and can convert a browser into a motivated buyer by presenting a story of the property that reflects their own lifestyle aspirations and builds an emotional connection to the property.

It’s like the subtitles on a foreign-language film – it might boast Oscar-winning cinematography, but if the audience doesn’t understand the characters and their journey, there is little chance of building an emotional connection and audience attention will fade fast.

Real estate copywriting can’t do the job alone, and professional real estate photography is absolutely critical to your property marketing success. But the wrong words can leave even the most beautiful pictures feeling cold.

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