From XERO to HERO the world’s best Accounting Software is now integrated with iMAGECLOUD

From XERO to HERO the world’s best Accounting Software is now integrated with iMAGECLOUD

A successful property photography business involves many elements. There’s the fun part like capturing stunning images that make real estate come alive and speak to clients. Then there’s that linear left brain part that can be a drag on the time and energy you would rather be spending on the creative side of your business. Today iMAGECLOUD just made your life another step easier by integrating with Xero, simply the world’s best accounting software.

What makes Xero so extraordinary? The company website says it best; it’s a “beautiful cloud-based accounting software that connects people with the right numbers anytime, anywhere, on any device.” In fact this New Zealand startup is fast becoming the global leader in cloud-based accounting software for SMEs. Ranked by Forbes as the “World’s Most Innovative Growth Company” in both 2014 and 2015.


As requests to link iMAGECLOUD with Xero became more important for users, our software engineering team made Xero integration a priority in 2016. We have many members equally as passionate about both our platforms, so integration was simply a natural progression for iMAGECLOUD, their willingness and dedication during BETA testing proved this. Once released the positive feedback from users was almost immediate. “Now that iMAGECLOUD is integrated with Xero our chosen business processes work together seamlessly.


Within the 1st hour of linking the two accounts we found over $600 of unpaid invoices” said Guy Le Page, Operations Manager of Black & White Real Estate Marketing Victoria, Australia. iMAGECLOUD members now have the power to see their photography products and services mapped to their chosen revenue accounts in Xero. When sending invoices to XERO, payments are now automatically reconciled back to their iMAGECLOUD accounts. Removing the need for manual intervention and reducing the risk of human errors, our members can focus on revenue generating tasks such as marketing, education and product development.


If you’re looking for a powerful property photography business tool, with the capability to take raw images from your camera, have them processed by the supplier of your choice, deliver them to your client, and reconcile your accounts with the power of Xero then empower your business with iMAGECLOUD today.

Author :  Josef Nalevansky CEO and Founder of

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