How Social Media Can Help Your Photography Career

How Social Media Can Help Your Photography Career

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You are a good photographer, maybe even great. You’ve dedicated countless time and effort into improving your craft and the most courageous moment of your life may have been the instance you decided to follow your passion and make photography your career. But, even the best photographers fall victim to the role of a starving artist; the key to success is being able to market yourself and your work; that’s where social media comes in. The Art of Social Media is one of 13 books written by Guy Kawasaki– a marketing and business guru in the Silicon Valley. The book is catered towards promoting your business, but if you are aspiring to be a professional photographer, your photos are your business.

Ansel Adams never would have been Ansel Adams without a great marketing person behind him (Bill Turnage). He probably would have just been Ansel, the guy with the awesome beard who takes photos in Yosemite. Times have changed, however, and no longer are the days where you need to hire a great marketing team to promote your work for you. Technology has made it easy for everyone to be able to market themselves through social media.

Of course, the first step is to jump in and really learn from Guy the nuts and bolts of social media. Swallow your pride and discard any thought of government conspiracies about collecting your information. We are in an information saturated world; join us. In Guy Kawasaki’s book, he highlights some key points:

1. Curate Yourself

Your art is your business; share it with the world. Of course, you want to make sure you watermark your images, but don’t be afraid to display your hard work. One of the best things about Instagram and Facebook is that images show up on other’s homepages so it essentially forces your work to be seen. Instagram is especially great for photographers because there are countless amounts of photo curating handles. Reach out to these curators and get your photos shown to hundreds of thousands of viewers instantly. Entice your followers with photos and make them want to see more. The key here is to share good stuff.

2. Start an Email List

The big dog in social media is, of course, Facebook with over 1.39 billion users. Not only does it have the most users among all social media platforms, but they continually make it easy for you to promote your business. Learn to use their features including the new call-to-action button and create an email list for your fans. Let your fans know about upcoming events, new images, and blogs. The idea here is that you have people who made a conscious decision to receive updates from you; reward them with interesting news and insights.

3. Get on LinkedIn

LinkedIn has over 347 million users; minuscule in comparison to Facebook, but it is one of the go-to platforms when you want professional insights on someone. It’s a great way to share your previous experiences, your current projects, and it shows that your are serious about your profession.

When you put it all together, the bottom line is to get your face out there and show the world what you can do. The tools are out there for you– YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Every photography website (yes, even AYP) is looking for hungry photographers looking to share their tips and insights, and there’s no better way to get your face out there than to be featured on a YouTube channel with thousands of subscribers. Follow these tips from Guy and before you know it, you’ll go from being like and unknown Ansel, to the new face of photography. Good Luck.

Be inspired, shoot, and share.

Get more insights into optimizing your social media with Guy’s book: The Art of Social Media.

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