How to Choose a Property Video Professional

How to Choose a Property Video Professional

Did you know that listings with a real estate video have a 400% increase in enquiry rate and also have up to a 6% increase in perceived value?

It today’s property marketing landscape the question isn’t whether or not you should invest in a property video, but rather, how do you source a real estate video professional?

How to Choose a Property Video Professional

Do your research.

There are too many kids out there with a camcorder, laptop and website who claim to be a video producer. Likewise there are many ex-television veterans who have never shot architectural video. They may be able to do a good video for you… after 4 or 5 edits and a lot of your time and money. When you are selling your home, you only get one shot to get the best price so make sure you get a real estate video expert.

  • Look on Google or ask around for videographer recommendations, making sure they are specialised in real estate video.
  • Check out their showreel (it’s like a portfolio for video guys) and customer reviews.
  • Chat to them on the phone, skype, etc. The videographer is coming in to your home so you would want to feel comfortable with their attitude and personality; reassured they’ll be respectful of you and your family.

Pick the type of property video that you want.

Just like traditional marketing, there are many flavours and styles of property video that each affect your potential buyer in a different way. Which style of property video suits your home?

When picking your videographer please remember that some property video marketers are better at one style over another.

There are many styles that I produce for iMAGECLOUD but here are a few that may give you some ideas:


This style is a chance to really have some fun with your property and, possibly, create one of those “viral videos” you have heard so much about. These videos can be anything from ninety seconds to seven minutes. They are essentially a “short film” that is either about your home or set on your property. I believe that this is one of the most exciting styles of property video however, I have found most real estate agents who are new to video are hesitant to suggest it to homeowners because it’s very different from what people perceive as a “real estate video”.

Take a chance and be adventurous.

Virtual Tour

A property video tour is exactly what it sounds like; a voiceover or your real estate agent talks about your home while cinematic video captures the feeling of your property. A video like this can be anywhere from thirty seconds up to one hundred and twenty seconds (not including titles). Any longer and you run the risk of boring your potential buyers.

Frequently I find that homeowners, and real estate agents who are new to video, make the mistake of focusing on the features of the home (e.g. It has three bedrooms, two bathrooms and a partridge in a pear tree). Video is an emotional medium, so a real estate video should focus on the feeling of the property more then it’s features. After you have hooked the buyer with the video, they are bound to real the details and see if it has all the features they need so don’t waste precious “air-time”.


Property Video Showcase

Essentially a music video, this style of video is an opportunity to show-off the space and feeling of a property without narration.  While you will find many of these videos on youtube, statistics show that unless there is a story arc, less then 1 in 70 (roughly) watch past one minute, so it’s best to keep it short.

The lack of voiceover makes it imperative that your real estate videographer captures the space, layout and movement of a property, rather then just replicating what the real estate photographer has done.

Note: Remember cheapest is not always the best.

Everyone wants to keep costs down, but beware videographers offering bargain prices – they generally won’t be as skilled as a professional, and might cut corners by forgoing the use of wide-angle lenses, tripods or sliders, licensed music or offering poor editing and turn around times that exceed the standard 2-5 days.

The last thing you want is to have to find and pay another video producer if you’re not happy with the first!

Some things to ask your videographer

Are they trained? Do they use professional equipment?

A professional will be trained and highly experienced, and use a professional HD Camera or HD DSLR, wide angle lenses, a fluid head tripod and a slider.

How good is their video editing?

Your videographer should also offer professional editing, ensuring that the final video is a high quality with the right feeling, pace and correct grading. Quite a lot of videographers work with a video editor but don’t be surprised if they also do the editing themselves. Ensure they can offer motion graphics, licensed music, voiceover and grading.

Can they offer other marketing tools?

You want to make the absolute best of your video and get your property the most exposure so ask you videographer if they offer services such as microsites or if they can connect you with a professional photographer or print designer. If the videographer can’t offer such extras, can they refer you to a reliable supplier?

What’s the turnaround time and how will the property video be delivered?

Make sure you’ll get easy access to your video and that they will be ready in time for any advertising deadlines. Usually you want to expect a turn-around time between 2-5 working days for the final video to be completed. Ask your video marketer is they can host the video for you? A good videographer will host the video on YouTube, Vimeo and a private server for you to download.

If you are hesitant about trying property video, check out the blog “Nine Reasons You Should Try Property Video“.

Please comment…

What do you look for in a property video professional? Do you have any questions about real estate video?

Post written by iMAGECLOUD Member Craig Newman, Entendre Productions.

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