How To Create A QR Code That Opens Mobile Video

How To Create A QR Code That Opens Mobile Video

Post written by iMAGECLOUD Member Craig Newman, Entendre Productions.

About 4 or 5 years ago the Australian Real Estate industry was attacked by Fairfax Media and a few others pushing QR codes and some people got burnt. The reason it didn’t work is that when using a QR code, your potential buyer is always going to be on a mobile device so for a QR code to work effectively, you have to have exciting, mobile friendly content.

What better way to create an engaging mobile experience then to have your QR code connected to your Property Video Marketing.

To create a QR code linking to a mobile video is as simple as these easy to follow steps below:

Step 1: Create a Quality Property Video or Internet Video Marketing Campaign

One of the big mistakes of real estate agents (and the previously mentioned media giants) is that they create a QR code to their agency website homepage or a low quality, “home-made” videos.

When someone scans a QR code they are excited to see what will come up. When the landing page is boring or poor quality research shows that they will click away in less than 2 seconds and never return to your website.

Your property marketing has just gone from being an unknown to being known as annoying and disappointing.

Always insure that your “QR video” is engaging and specific to the viewer. If you have a QR code on a billboard for instance, rather than directing them to your corporate profile or a television advertisement, perhaps you might have a video that starts by thanking them for scanning the code and then get right down to what the billboard was talking about, say, the a nearby property or a profile of that suburb? The key with these videos is to talk to your potential buyers and sellers, not to sell to them.

Now, on to more practical stuff!

Step 2: Upload/Pick your Video for your QR Code

The easiest and most cost-effective (meaning free) way to do this is to upload your video to YouTube. This will enable it to work with most phones with QR code readers. Once your video is uploaded,find the URL to your video. You can find this by clicking the share button under video and copying the “” link.

Step 3: Create the QR Code Linking To Your YouTube Video

For the next step, we will use my favorite QR code generator,, its free. Once you are there, select the URL tab and insert your YouTube link from step 1.

[img src=’’ width=’600′ height=’397′ ][/img]

-or alternatively-

With my clients, I often recommend that they set up their QR code to point to a sub-domain which they can then redirect wherever they wish. For example, you could set it up something like this…

“QR Code on your business cards“

This way, in the future you can change what your QR code loads. You can change your videos and website daily; you can’t change the business card in someones wallet. Setting up a sub-domain differs from provider to provider. For more information on how you can set this up, please contact your website administrator or hosting provider.

Step 4: Test Your QR Code Link To Your YouTube Video

This step is the easiest. Pickup your mobile phone and open up your favorite QR code reader. Scan your QR code video link that you just created. Your QR code reader should recognize your link to your video and offer to open it up in the YouTube app.

Step 5: Get Your QR Code Out There

You’re done! Simple isn’t it?

Now we need to get the QR code on your promotional materials. First, download your QR code from by changing the size to 500px and clicking download.

Now you can place this QR code on your business cards, posters, real estate signs, TV commercials, print ads and where ever else you can think of.

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