iMAGECLOUD – Creativity Made Simple –

iMAGECLOUD – Creativity Made Simple –

iMAGECLOUD – Creativity Made Simple

It’s the service that lets you “Seamlessly deliver multiple digital assets to clients with automated workflow management in your personal cloud.” And no, it doesn’t stop there. iMAGECLOUD allows you to “Connect with certified industry suppliers to seamlessly add new revenue streams to your photography business; creating complete property marketing solutions.” But wait, there’s more! With their service you can “Store all your digital assets in one place with intuitive, cost effective media storage that’s seamlessly linked to your workflow.” You can tell the common denominator is ‘seamless’ and that’s what makes the guys at iMAGECLOUD stand out from the competition.

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So what are they all about? As they put it on their site, “iMAGECLOUD offers property photographers a powerful, personalised online platform that empowers you to take your business to the next level. 

Connect with our community of certified industry suppliers to offer your agents a range of property marketing products from cinematic real estate videos and virtual property staging to interactive floor plans, print solutions and targeted copywriting. Manage all your digital assets from your personalised portal with automated workflow management that seamlessly links with cost effective media storage to deliver better solutions to your agents, faster. And we’ll help you build new autonomous revenue streams into your business as you operate at the forefront of industry innovation.” Check them out! 

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