Promoting Your Property Photography Through Visual Social Media

Promoting Your Property Photography Through Visual Social Media

Why Promoting Your Property Photography Business Through Visual Social Media Should be a goal 2016 Business Resolution

For a long time, Facebook seemed like the most obvious social media route for independent property photographers. It was a breeze to network with clients and have them share your albums with their friends, getting them to easily promote your work with a like-minded audience. You could promote and market your work fairly easily as well, even if you never bought any of Facebook’s ad services. In fact many property photographers start without a website and use their Facebook business page as their initial port of call.

But there’s not just a better way than Facebook — there’s a smarter way. Promoting your photography business through visual social media sites like Instagram and Pinterest showcases your work in a better visual outlet than Facebook ever will — and you may be surprised to hear it, but people are browsing those sites looking to buy, too.

Powerful Tagging

Sure, Facebook jumped on the hashtag train — eventually. But Pinterest and Instagram had embraced these tools far before Facebook did, and the community ran with them. Photographers can take these same hashtags and use them as a form of social media metadata — #propertyphotography #realestatephotography #peoplehirepeople #beindependant. Use them to draw in crowds you may have not otherwise had, and once they see and fall in love with your work, they’ll be there to stay. You can also utilize geotagging to get more local clients viewing your work than ever before.

Simplify Your Vision

Because both Instagram and Pinterest are entirely reliant on images, and strongly limit the amount of text you can add to those images, you are able to really concentrate your interactions with your clients and what “vision” of yourself you’re putting out there. You aren’t able to write a dozen paragraphs about what inspires you as a photographer — instead, you can share a dozen images about what inspires you.
And at its root, this will be what future clients and fans connect with — they may skim past a lot of heavy reading, but a handful of images they connect with? We hate to utilize the cliche, but “A picture’s worth a thousand words,” — and if we may alter it, “…especially on social media.”

Global Market

Interested in getting into the print marketplace? Pinterest has started their trend of “buyable pins,” making purchases of your prints incredibly easy for a client. With buyable pins and an impressive collection of merchandise (think outside of just property photography and into the realm of landscape, macro, portrait, architectural and urban photography), you can connect with photography lovers around the world.

Of course, Facebook shouldn’t be abandoned — it’s still a great way for you to tag clients and have them share your work with their friends and family. But in the world of gaining a completely new audience and new revenue streams, you simply can’t beat the more #visual #socialmedia outlets. In the end the correct mix of Social Media outlets for property photographers comes down to one question: DO I WANT TO SHARE THIS ?

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