Samsung TabProS Review for Property Photographers.

Samsung TabProS Review for Property Photographers.


If you are a professional real estate photographer, you will want to take note of the following Samsung TabProS review for photographers.

“In many ways, the TabPro S is better than the Surface Pro or iPad Pro.  It’s more portable than the Surface, yet more powerful than the iPad.  It’s slim and svelte, yet runs a full desktop operating system and all of its related productivity apps.  Is it the perfect device that can let you forget about your iPad and your laptop and not miss a thing?  No, certainly not.  But it’s the best execution on a productivity-focused tablet I’ve used yet.”


For the professional real estate photographer who all but lives on the road, this might be the ideal fit.  The Samsung Galaxy TabPro S holds its own in almost every category versus the Surface Pro or the iPad Pro; as Dan Seifert states, “It is an excellent travel computer…that can go almost anywhere and do almost anything you need it to.”


But the real differentiator, at least for the professional real estate photographer in the field who is anxious to show prospective clients the finest samples of his or her beautiful work, may be the undeniably gorgeous screen display.  “This Samsung Galaxy TabPro S 2-in-1’s best feature is its Super AMOLED display because this screen tech is superior to the traditional LEDs found in other tablets and laptops.  Instead of external backlighting, each AMOLED display pixel glows on its own, resulting in more vivid colors in a screen build that’s thinner and lighter,” according to Ed Hardy, in an article titled Samsung Galaxy TabPro S 2-in-1 Review:  Windows 10 and Super Slim.  The resolution checks in at 2160 x 1440, which on a 12-inch screen amounts to roughly 216 pixels per square inch.


Here is another detail the professional photography genius may want to take note of:  “One of the advantages of Super AMOLED displays is that they look exceptional even outdoors, and the TabPro S is no exception,” according to Ed Hardy.  The road-tripping photography pro may find him or herself in any variety of settings and light conditions so it’s assuring to know that image displays on the TabPro S simply can’t be compromised significantly no matter what.


In the opinion of Daryl Deino, writing in an article titled Samsung’s New Galaxy TabPro S Easily Beats the iPad Pro, “…the new Galaxy TabPro S is, perhaps, the most beautiful and useful tablet available right now. ” For property photographers that live on the road, require full functioning software, 4G connectivity, a complete file structure and native RAW  previewing ; The Galaxy TabProS definitely warrants a close look.


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