Thank You & Merry Christmas from iMAGECLOUD!

Thank You & Merry Christmas from iMAGECLOUD!

As we enter into the holidays iMAGECLOUD has lot to be thankful for. It goes without saying 2013 has been both exciting and challenging for everyone. But from the support of those mentioned bellow, you have made this giant leap of faith possible and for that we are eternally grateful.

Thank you to our members, their partners and the amazingly talented individuals from every facet of the globe that have made iMAGECLOUD possible. Thank you to our suppliers who’s long hours and dedication to our members shows the power of positive communication in their masterful keystrokes. Their work has allowed 600 Active iMAGECLOUD users, launch 4,525 campaigns with 65,835 retouched iMAGES and 75 videos in under 9 months. Thank you.

Thank you Shannon Dand, Anne Nguyen, Anthony Solman, Becky Solman, Edd Nicholson, Jamie Mac, Andrew Craig, Darrin Braybrook, Aaron Citti, Adam Dawes, Jonathan Thomsen, Dao Thomsen, Michael Jeffrey, Cathy Jeffrey, Anneke Hill, Tiffany Tulley, Christie Cundell, Amanda Nalevansky, Jeff Richardson, Christina Richardson, James Richardson, Christian Psarros, Vanessa LeCornu, Rob deDonatis, Marcus Sciberras, Jonathan Thomson, Craig Newman, Marc Altshuler, Diego Rey, Luke Hade, Shane Conroy, Dean Little, Josh van Tongeren, Gough Venter, new international suppliers brining forward amazing products and the multiple new members in Sydney, Townsville and Perth choosing iMAGECLOUD to power their property photography businesses in January 2014.

We wish nothing more then for everyone in the family to stay safe whilst spending quality time with family and friends reflecting on the gift which was 2013.

Thank You & Merry Christmas from iMAGECLOUD
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