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Seamlessly deliver multiple digital assets to clients with automated workflow management in your personal cloud.

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Connect with certified industry suppliers to seamlessly add new revenue streams to your photography business; creating complete property marketing solutions.

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Store all your digital assets in one place with intuitive, cost effective media storage that’s seamlessly linked to your workflow.

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Integrated customer communication and billing system that draws together all your digital assets delivering cutting-edge marketing technology to your clients.

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iMAGECLOUD offers property photographers a powerful, personalised online platform that empowers you to take your business to the next level. 

Connect with our community of certified industry suppliers to offer your agents a range of property marketing products from cinematic real estate videos and virtual property staging to interactive floor plans, print solutions and targeted copywriting. Manage all your digital assets from your personalised portal with automated workflow management that seamlessly links with cost effective media storage to deliver better solutions to your agents, faster. And we’ll help you build new autonomous revenue streams into your business as you operate at the forefront of industry innovation.

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Connect with real estate agents, videographers, retouchers, designers and writers in our vibrant community of property marketing experts.


Manage and deliver complete property marketing campaigns to your agents that will build new revenue streams as your business grows.


All your images are stored, backed up and seamlessly linked to your automated workflow with our cost effective digital asset management technology.


The number of automated emails iMAGECLOUD software has created over the past 24 hours simplifying our members lives.

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iMAGECLOUD's secure and globally accessible digital asset management links in with your workflow seamlessly delivering cost effective media storage that’s backed up in the cloud.

Why choose us?

  • Connect with certified industry suppliers to offer premium services to your clients.

  • Work smarter with automated workflow for intuitive image management and delivery.

  • Store media in the cloud with asset management linked to your workflow.

  • Manage client and supplier communication and invoicing from one simple platform.

  • Build a mini site to enhance web presence and showcase your photography.

  • Create new revenue while maintaining your autonomy as an independent operator.

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Client Testimonials

Anne Nguyen-Huyen, Maison Creative

iMAGECLOUD provides a powerful engine and services to supply property media to my clients that is reliable, innovative and quick – all crucial in the demanding real estate industry. The benefits have allowed my business to grow substantially over a short period of time.

Anne Nguyen-Huyen, Maison Creative
Karen Brown, Image Sky

“I run a busy photography business, with several contractors as part of my team. It is crucial that our software solution is simple for us and our clients to learn. iMAGECLOUD is not only simple; it also allows us to connect with excellent suppliers to continue to enhance and grow our business.”

Karen Brown, Image Sky
Vanessa Le Cornu, Vanessa LeCornu Photography

iMAGECLOUD has helped my photography business grow by providing me with easy access to excellent retouchers. Agents use an easy log in system to access their photos, which means I no longer have to waste time downloading photos and emailing them onto the respective agents. This impressive system makes it very welcoming for new agents to come onboard.

Vanessa Le Cornu, Vanessa LeCornu Photography
Darin Butcher, Owner, Wiseberry Charmhaven & Wiseberry Heritage Real Estate

"Selling approximately 800 properties means our marketing and corporate image has to be spot on. Using a number of iMAGECLOUD’s members for our marketing, we couldn’t be more impressed with the quality of products they deliver through the software. When it came time to hire an in-house photographer as well, having her become a member of iMAGECLOUD happened her first day on the job. iMAGECLOUD truly creates the ultimate ‘WOW factor’ for our vendors and buyers.”

Darin Butcher, Owner, Wiseberry Charmhaven & Wiseberry Heritage Real Estate
Claudine, Four Corners Photo

iMAGECLOUD gives me access to a bank of retouchers, floor planners, video slideshows and other value-added services that give me options to be the one-stop shop for real estate marketing in my area – something my competitor cannot offer.

Claudine, Four Corners Photo
Jonathan Thomsen, Jonathan Thomsen Photography

iMAGECLOUD has exceeded my expectations both in terms of product/service range and in their constantly evolving platform. The range of products allows me to stay ahead of my competitors and offer my clients a full suite of marketing options.

Jonathan Thomsen, Jonathan Thomsen Photography
Greg Rivers, CLIXAR Visual Marketing Solutions

iMAGECLOUD are a team of forward thinkers that have developed a system that provides a serious software solution for photographers and other graphic professionals. This has benefited my business positively in many ways and I thank iMAGECLOUD for all the hard work, perseverance and fantastic customer service.

Greg Rivers, CLIXAR Visual Marketing Solutions
Shannon Dand, Shannon Dand Photography

iMAGECLOULD has been a fantastic addition to my business. This system has allowed me to better streamline my interactions between clients and suppliers, while giving me a leading advantage in the property marketing arena. The collaborative environment within iMAGECLOUD is second to none, and keeps me at the forefront of property marketing innovation.

Shannon Dand, Shannon Dand Photography
Jamie Doman, Principal of One Agency Tracy Stein & Jamie Doman

“iMAGECLOUD provides our business with the best possible marketing solutions and products available. As agents, we can access industry-best photography, floor plans, video products and auction event presentations all in the one place. iMAGECLOUD has given our business cutting-edge technology that helps our clients promote their properties in the best possible fashion, and streamlines the behind-the-scenes production.”

Jamie Doman, Principal of One Agency Tracy Stein & Jamie Doman
Peter Kassis, Asset Photographers

iMAGECLOUD has revolutionised my business. It allows me to monitor everything from the minute an image is delivered to checking on staff upload times, and has eliminated the need for additional admin staff and the costs associated. Without iMAGECLOUD my business could not have grown the way it has.

Peter Kassis, Asset Photographers

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